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Parents Testimonials

Our boys, Ben and Ethan have been at Tiny Footsteps for two years now. As parents we feel confident sending our two little boys to Tiny Footsteps daycare, knowing they will be well taken care of. Every morning we see smiles on their faces when we tell them it’s time to go to daycare. The staff provide a caring and nurturing environment. Furthermore, we are pleased to see how much they have learned and developed in the last two years. We would recommend Tiny Footsteps to any parent considering sending their child to daycare. Moreover, we look forward to sending our daughter to their nursery program next year.

Olga and Alex Niyazov


  • Amazing schedule 8-6pm, M-F. ALL year around (including Summer,at the same rate)
  • 3x meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner)
  • ALL teachers are licensed and have their paper work together along with experience and you can tell they are not there just to get paid,they actually love what they do and our kids.
  • The class teachers are amazing,work very hard to nurture our kids and make sure they feel home
  • The structure of the day is awesome,so detailed,educational &fun at the same time
  • Kids could stay there until they are 6,which is awesome!
  • Environment in general is great,front desk Coordinator Anna is just a sweetheart. Very helpful and just so nice. Truly a good person.

I love the fact that they have gated and under surveillance playground so the kids don’t have to leave premises to go play. Over all we are very happy with the daycare and i think no one will say other wise!

Faina K.