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About Us

kid playing blocksYes, it is true that it takes a village to raise a child. At Tiny Footsteps Child Learning Center, we make it a point to extend a continuous learning environment from your home to our learning center.

We value the same family values that you uphold. We believe in honesty, integrity and patience. As educators, we know that we should be role models to our students just like how your children look up to you as parents.

We will strive to create a secure, caring, enriched environment where children can:

  • Build a strong foundation emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively
  • Enjoy the finest care and most well rounded education possible
  • Develop a love for learning in a fun filled environment
  • Learn to productively use technology in the education process and in finding solutions with day to day challenges

Most importantly, we give each child enough space and time to do the things that make them laugh, learn, and have fun. Growing up at Tiny Footsteps Child Learning Center is truly a wonderful experience. Give your child that gift during their formative years. Enroll today!