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Tiny Footsteps Child Learning Center is proud to provide high-quality education with daycare facilities in a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment. You can have the full confidence that we are more than just a traditional child care provider – rather, we go all out to providing your child with the best experience in education during his or her formative years.Kid is taking a test

To stimulate advanced brain development in children, our curricula have been designed to focus on creative play that involves:

  • Dramatic Play
  • Exploration
  • Investigation
  • Problem Solving
  • Discovery

Most of the activities in our daily schedule include:

  • Painting Activities / Finger Paint
  • Art Projects
  • Music and Group Singing
  • Individual Games and Sports
  • Group Games
  • Finger Plays and Puppet Shows
  • Math and Counting Exercises
  • and so much more!

Would you like a copy of the daily schedule? Call 718-969-5500 or visit our office.