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Group of kids

Ages Four to Five

A Group of Pre-kindergartenWe offer Free PreK For All classes with option for extended day.

At four years old or five, children can have a quenchless curiosity. We must use that curiosity to help them learn more and more about the world. Tiny Footsteps Child Learning Center offers opportunities for them to safely explore new ideas, to grasp concepts and to expand their creativity.

Some of the activities we have with Pre-Kindergarteners are:

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Puzzles and Board Games
  • Craft Projects
  • Forming Letters and Numbers
  • Learning to Write Letters
  • Outdoor Games and Activities
  • Sentence Construction and Word Usage
  • Learning about Weather and Seasons
  • Arts and Painting
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Critical Thinking (Reasoning and Analyzing)
  • Social Skills Enhancement with Group Games
  • Pro-Social Skills
  • Emergent Reading Skills